Light it Red for Dyslexia

1 in 10 Australians have dyslexia. 2 in 3 people with dyslexia do not feel good about themselves.
46% are more likely to have attempted suicide

National Dyslexic Awareness Month

Each year during the month of October the awareness wave hits Australia in the hope of making Australians more aware of the daily challenges of life people with dyslexia struggle with.

One of the organisations behind the awareness month is Dear Dyslexic who went live with their Joyful website on the 1st of October for the occasion. Dear Dyslexic is founded by Shae Wissel who first started sharing her story with the world in 2015. Shae wants to disrupt what people think and understand about dyslexia, and give young people and adults with dyslexia a voice.

Each year during the month of October the Dear Dyslexic Foundation host an Annual Gala. The aim of the Gala is to raise awareness, vital funds and unveil the hidden stories of dyslexia. This year the annual gala will be hosted on Friday the 18th of October and your support will make a direct impact on young people and adults with dyslexia and give them hope that they too can succeed and reach their full potential.

It will be a night full of great food, fantastic music, celebration, entertainment and most importantly an opportunity to raise awareness and fundraise vital funds so that young adults with dyslexia can live happier, healthier and more connected lives.

Buy your ticket to this years Dear Dyslexic Annual Gala