For some smaller organisations, the idea of a new website is just about as much as they can afford. At Joyful, we believe organisations of all sizes should be able to tap into the potential of an optimised website, regardless of whether they have a big budget or not. So when newly formed charity Little Sparklers approached us about building their new website, we decided to help them out. 

Little Sparkles was born out of the clear need for change, driven by a community of parents worldwide. The peer support Facebook group, the Beyond Sleep Training Project, highlighted that need, with thousands of desperate parents with restless children looking for support. With over 75 thousand members looking for new ways to approach infant sleep and parenting, it was time to take it to the next level, to help more parents across the globe.

When we first spoke with Little Sparklers, they didn’t have a solution to raise money at all. They mentioned they were exploring other options, but none they could afford as new organisation with no income. We know that a user-friendly website drives engagement and helps organisations connect with their audience to deliver tangible results, so we knew Little Sparklers were a great fit for the Joyful platform. 

To help them cover their first year on the platform and legitimise their fundraising potential, we built a kickstarter style fundraising page on the Joyful platform. The page has been live for less than two months and has already raised over $13,000. The goal is to raise $25,000 by the end of the year, so they can continue to grow their online presence and deliver the support for many more Australian families in the future. 

The responsivity, support and flexibility provided by the Joyful team has been so appreciated. We are looking forward to building our full website with all the bells and whistles we need with Joyful in early 2020.

  - Carly

 We believe in you Little Sparklers!

Check out the Little Sparklers Fundraising page