Hadassah Australia raised $11,600 in their first 8 weeks on the joyful platform and a total of $20,400 has been raised since launch.

Hadassah Australia is an organisation that raises funds for the Hadassah Hospital in Israel. They collaborate with the Starlight Foundation and other organisations to conduct research, and more specifically focuses on Clown Care. Prior to joining Joyful, they experienced long delays in requesting and receiving website changes, and the design as well as their user experience was very poor.

The Joyful platform has been pivotal in improving overall site engagement, as Jared Sibel has shared “Creating, uploading and editing on the website back-end is easy to use and does not require any website knowledge.” 

Since going live, income through the Hadassah website has dramatically increased. Their fresh website, new functionalities and user friendly design has helped improve their SEO results and social media presence.  It's only early days for Hadassah, but we're sure their success will only continue to grow, and Joyful is very excited to be part of the journey! 

“Joyful provides open and clear communication throughout the entire process in strategy, design, and implementation. Joyful is a quality organisation that can up-skill any Australian non-profit for the better, using its sleek and professional design, optimal user experience and non-profit-centered donation and appeals portal.” - Jarred Sibel

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