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Boost your web traffic with Google’s US$120,000 charity grant for Google Ads

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We'll look after the whole journey, from applying for the grant to running a successful Ad Grants account.

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Why Ad Grants?

Free marketing budget

Google's Ad Grants grant provides free marketing budget to spend on ads that will surface on Google's search page.

Grow your charity faster

Use the potential of Ad Grants to grow your organisation faster through awareness, donations, events and sign-ups.

Raise More Money

With increased traffic to your website you can better promote your donation pages and appeals to raise more money.

Rival the larger brands

It's getting harder to rise above the noise of the larger brands and causes. Ad Grants can help you reach their level.



"The support we have received has been invaluable. We have seen significant increases in website traffic, which has helped with volunteering and event sign-ups. We would definitely recommend the services to other charities."

Our service

Ad Grants application

  • Managing the process
  • Starting a new application
  • Finish existing application
  • Reactivating a suspension

Ad Grants setup

  • Setting up a new account
  • Managing existing account
  • Campaigns & goals
  • Analytics integration

Ad Grants management

  • Campaigns & goals
  • Managing keywords
  • Measuring and optimising
  • Reporting success

Google compliance

  • Keeping you compliant
  • Meeting requirements
  • Avoiding suspension
  • Keeping you informed
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What are Google Ad Grants?

Google provide a grant globally to qualifying nonprofit organisations of US$10,000 for their Ad Grants accounts. This equates to a free yearly budget of US$120,000 to drive more traffic and awareness to your brand and cause.

Show up in Google searches

Image of Google search page with adwords highlighted

Ad Grants service

The Ad Grants service is how you get your website shown as an advert when someone makes a Google search.

Target your audience

By using an Ad Grants account, you can target your audience based on what they're searching for, locality and more.

Amazing exposure

This amazing exposure can help your cause generate more donations, awareness and sign-ups.

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