Brainwave was seeking to diversify their income sources and provide a more integrated donations experience for supporters, while simultaneously getting more engagement from the parents and families of their beneficiaries and other users of the site.

To achieve these goals they knew they would need a website that would have not only an improved user experience but also upgraded functionality.

The new website achieved dramatic and tangible success on each of these aims. In terms of behaviour of users on the site, page views increased by 20%, unique website visitors went up by 7.5% and average session times increased by 27%, suggesting a major shift in user engagement.

Meanwhile, the website has now also become a driver of revenue for the charity and is delivering on their goal of diversifying their charitable income.

Key goals achieved:

  • Raised $8,400 (£4,800) per month through the website, totalling over $96,000 (£55,000) in their first year since going live
  • Increased page views by 20%
  • Increased number of unique website visitors by 7.5%

“Our new website has created a new focus for the charity on digital media. It has enabled us to possess a website that is fit for purpose and provides our target audience with an exceptional user experience. The new site has allowed us to cut costs, offering our fundraisers the opportunity to use our fundraising pages. It has also been utilised to save employees time and offered our users the opportunity to more easily obtain information online”
Melanie Relffe-Arnold