This inspiring NFP increased its online donations from being non-existent to $101,000 in the 4 weeks following their new website going live.

Bloomhill is a local Cancer Care facility providing care and support for people living with cancer on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. They aim to enhance the quality of life for people living with and beyond cancer, through practical, physical and emotional support and empowerment through education and awareness.

Bloomhill's previous website was not intuitive, had no fundraising capability and did not allow their organisation to adapt their website in line with their changing needs. Other than downloading a donation form they could not take payments or donations on their old website.

Leading up to the launch of their new website, they found that the platform was easy to use and having an integrated appeals module helped them to develop their first ever Annual Giving Day. Within a matter of weeks of the website launching, they were able to raise over $100,000 to contribute toward their Annual Giving Day goal. 

The organisation got the word out through social media (Facebook and Instagram) as well as local media. They also utilized the homepage of their website to highlight the campaign and direct visitors to the donation page.

"It is the most user-friendly and intuitive site I have ever used. It is so much easier to make changes to our site now and get it looking the way we want it to and work with our needs, we are no longer stuck with a basic template that we had to change our needs to fit their basic template - it was a one size fits all that didn't fit for us." - Beth Aldrich

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