Welcome to 2020. It's a new century, everyone is excited and the air is thick with anticipation. What will this new century have in store for us? We thought it a good idea to share some inside knowledge with you all about what the experts* are predicting will be some of most significant trends that will drive growth in the not-for-profit sector in 2020.

1. Fundraiser Challenges

Remember when everyone was filming themselves dunking a bucket of ice over their heads? The Ice Bucket Challenge quickly went viral because it was simple, had humour and supported a good cause. Last year online fundraisers only increased donations by 1% whereas experts* predict a great increase in offline fundraisers in 2020. Fundraising challenges are an excellent opportunity for your organisation to create awareness about your cause and invite donations. But to inspire more donations, your ideas have to be fresh and creative.

Create challenges that are quirky, fun and resonate with your cause. Every person who participates donates a certain amount to your cause and opens the challenge to another person in their network. Make sure you add a personal twist for your organisation eg. if you are an animal welfare nonprofit, you could challenge your audience to go for a 5 km run with their dog or if you are a family support organisation you could challenge families to build the best sandcastle at the beach.

2. Personalised Giving

The days of donors writing cheques with little to no interaction with the benefactors are gone. In 2020 not-for-profit organisations will need to develop easy ways for donors to give back in a very personal way. Donors want to see and feel the difference that they're making. Many donors want to read about where their donations go and to whom they go. They want to know the person or animal or ecosystem that their donations are helping.

This is an excellent opportunity for your organisation to make this evident on your website and connect with your audience in a very personal way. You can easily deliver a service to your donors that tell a personal story. For instance, make sure you have a blog section on your website where people can share their stories and make the impact that the donations make, evident.

3. Women Of Colour In Leadership Positions

History and statistics show that women of colour often do the lion's share of work in not-for-profit organisations, but they fail to make it to the top leadership and strategy roles. The leading strategic decisions are often made by people who don't have their finger on the pulse because they don't spend their everyday lives in the community they represent.

Well, in 2020 these statistics are about to change. Not-for-profit organisations are starting to see that if you put the people who understand your audience better than anyone in charge, the organisations credibility rises and your audience starts connecting with you even more so than before. This will evidently end up getting your organisation much better results.

4. Smartphone Donations

Allowing donors to give donations from their phones will be an important growing trend. Presently, a lot of us are smartphone users already and with the new decade, people are all just going to get even more attached to our little pocket devices, giving desktop computers real competition. This also means that your organisation needs to be able to adapt to this growing trend.

The key questions you need to ask yourself are; do our donors get a good user experience on our website when they access it via their phones? Can our donors make their donation to us in 30 seconds or less? Can returning donors make a gift in 10 seconds or less? Ease of use and simplicity will be critical in the new decade, so make sure you take the smartphone era serious - it's here to stay!

* Expert Panel, Forbes Nonprofit Council.