Mixed module listing pages are here! Are you running a specific event such as an International Womens Day morning tea? Have you also written a news article about International Womens Day? What about a fundraiser for this specific event? Well, now you can group these posts together on a mixed module listing page.

Many of you have asked for a mixed module listing page and our development team have been working hard in the past year to accommodate this. Previously, only posts from the same module could be displayed together on a listing page, for example all events on one page, all news articles or appeals.

But now you can create a listing page which pulls together and displays posts from different modules on a single page. For example, you may be running a campaign for which you want to show the main appeal, any events you are running and a selection of side success stories.

The main reason to create a mixed module listing page rather than several same module listing pages is that you won’t have to create a parent link. This means that you can simply have one drop down in the navigation, keeping your navigation clean and simple without users having to navigate through a secondary menu.

How to create your mixed module listing page

1. Create the category as normal e.g. 'Christmas'

2. Associate the category to the appropriate posts

3. When adding to the website menu, you need to add the url as a hyperlink instead of as web page.

Read the step-by-step instructions on the Knowledge Base