Have you considered running a tax campaign this year? Millions of Australians are starting to think about their end-of-year tax return and many of them will be looking to take advantage of further deductions. Running a campaign at this time of year can help you to capitalise on an increase in the generosity of tax-paying Australians. Here are a few tips to help you plan your end-of-year campaign.

Start early

Preparing your campaign early means you’ll have more time to promote it to your donors in the lead-up to June 30th. Don’t leave it to the last minute: start thinking about your campaign proposition and plan how you’re going to market it. Aiming to launch your campaign in May at the latest means you’re giving your donors more time to get those last few dollars in before the deadline.

Make a clear ask

It’s a competitive time of year for non-profits, all trying to stand out from the others bidding for the donor’s attention. Don’t just ask them to donate. Create a specific appeal with a really clear proposition. For example: Donate $20 to our animal shelter today and you’ll feed a rescued koala for a week. When you create your appeal, you can also follow our checklist on how to create great appeal landing pages.

Don’t just ask them to donate. Create a specific appeal with a really clear proposition

Show your impact

Can you use statistics to demonstrate your impact? How are you spending supporters’ donations? Showing the impact of your organisation can have a profound effect on how donors give. Everyone likes to see value for money, and donors are no different. If you can’t show what you have achieved, they’re more likely to look elsewhere.

Highlight the benefit to them

What’s in it for them? Well, an increased tax refund is a big bonus to donors. Remind them that every dollar they donate is money back in their pocket. This can really help drive up the amount they donate.

Make sure your Tax Receipt Emails are set up in your Joyful platform

Your donors will be gathering all their documentation from throughout the year for their tax return. You have the option to set up automatic email tax receipts, so when anyone donates, they’ll receive a tax receipt email that includes all the information they need to make their claim. Make sure you have added your tax information, such as your ABN, and customised the Tax receipt email in the platform.