Many clients get stuck writing the About Us page on their website, but it should be as simple as the conversations you have with others about your organisation and why you do what you do. If anyone wants to quickly understand your organisation, your About Us or What We Do page should be the single link you send them.

Your About Us page is the ideal place to summarise the most important goals of your organisation such as:

  • The problem you are solving or the purpose of your organisation
  • The history of the organisation or story of how it came to be
  • Include some points around your organisation's impact
  • The programs and projects that deliver your organisation's purpose
  • Your organisation's future goals or aspirations
  • Incorporate brand-led content (e.g. a video or links to blog posts) that might otherwise clutter your homepage
  • A call to action after people have read up on you, such as a link to the donate page or whichever goal is important.

An easy About us Template

You can craft a narrative for your About Us, Impact page or What We Do page by using the following formula:

1. Introduce the problem

Describe the problem that your organisation is committed to solving. Ensure you are using language that is easy for your users to understand so that they don't lose interest.

2. Rise to the challenge

Explain how you set out to find a solution (i.e. start your organisation) and the obstacles you faced along the way. This is a crucial part of your story and one that users will find interesting.

3. Arrive at a solution

Share details of how your organisation is pursuing its purpose and the milestones you’ve hit. Make sure the solution is in line with the content on your site to strengthen credibility.

4. Paint a picture of what’s next

Fill your users with hope and excitement for the future of your organisation by stating your mission and goals. Make sure these plans link up with your purpose and those who benefit from your organisations activities.