You’ve published a brand new appeal and you’ve set a target amount to reach – now you need one thing...for people to find it, engage with it, donate to it, and then even better, tell everyone else about it!

This checklist looks at all areas of the website which you can tweak to get people to visit your appeals- your header, your homepage and all of the posts and content within your website, giving your appeal the very best chance to thrive and be a great success.

Your appeals checklist

1. Is your donate button easily visible?

Your donate button needs to take pride of place in your header- it should be visually distinct from the rest of your website navigation so that it stands out – shouting “CLICK ME”.

2. Is your donate button centre stage?

Let the donate button shine by removing any unnecessary content or other calls to action around it. Too many other options can lead to ‘choice paralysis’ with too many distractions, preventing people from doing the very thing you want them to do.

If you’re very active on social media and want to encourage follows then why not consider publishing the social media icons in the footer instead?

3. Have you linked your donate button directly to the donation form?

Reduce user attrition by making the donation journey smooth and simple! A single click should take them directly to the donate form- they've been decisive enough to decide to donate by clicking the button so you don’t need to lead them through the journey via an appeals page or case study - get them directly to the payment so they can decide how much to give.

Your homepage

1. Are your cause and your impact really clear?

Ask someone who doesn’t know about your organisation to do the ‘5 second test’ - show them the homepage header/ carousel with your appeal content and ask them what it means, what you’re trying to do and how they can help.

If they haven’t got a good sense of it, then revisit the language and messaging to make it clearer and test again with some fresh eyes. The more effectively you communicate your appeal, the more likely people will take the action you want- donate!

2. Is your homepage making the most of your promotion zones and feeds?

Make your homepage promotion zones work really hard for you with engaging blogs, stories and news articles that focus on people and the amazing impact of your organisation- this will make the decision to donate much easier.  

Avoid internally focused content or language- it won’t have a big audience and it’s not engaging for your users.

3. Have you used calls to action to encourage donations?

Check through your page and post content and make sure you’re not missing any opportunities to add in a call to action to help people explore the content and ideally, complete an action.

Where appropriate prompt users to donate or consider creating a user journey from your pages which could lead to a donation - for example, via a really brilliant story or case study.

Think about all the tools you’ve got up your sleeves: call to action buttons are one, but there’s also using a donation widget or highlighting appeals in your sidebar if you are displaying one.

What's next?

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