My role at Joyful

My role at Joyful is Partnership Executive. I get the privilege of talking with a number of different charities on a day-to-day basis learning about different ways we could help them excel in the digital space! I’ve been working at Joyful now for just over 16 months. I started back in August of 2018 and have loved every minute here. I look forward coming to work every day being surrounded by a group of unique people with a contagious attitude and common goal of wanting to help progress the NFP Sector to new heights.

The best thing about working at Joyful

The best thing about working at Joyful is getting to be a part of a passionate culture that gets the opportunity to learn about and work with so many great causes around Australia and New Zealand.

My favourite platform features

My favourite feature on the platform would have to be the Social Media Monitor. In this day in age the importance of establishing a digital presence is so important and being able to use social media to your advantage and reach out to different audiences is such a valuable tool to have.

My passions

Something I’ve always been passionate about is being on the water. I grew up spending lots of time near a lake where I was always waterskiing or wakeboarding. I’d say the ocean is just as good here in Melbourne! You can usually find me enjoying the outdoors on a nice summer day!

My favourite meal

Going back to my roots, as I’m from Chicago, my favorite meal is a good old American Thanksgiving! Mashed Potatoes, Turkey, Green Bean Casserole, and of course Pumpkin Pie to top it all off.

My New Years resolutions

My New Year resolution is to explore more of Australia. I’ve only had the opportunity to explore Victoria and Sydney. So I’m looking forward to many more adventures around the country and continuing to develop my Aussie lingo.

What excites you about the future of the NFP sector?

What most excites me about the NFP sector in 2020 is to see the continued growth of charities and NFP’s taking full control of their Digital Presence. It will continue to help organisations thrive and spread the word about the wonderful work they’re doing.