Google updates its Google Grant programme

Google has announced some quite significant changes to its Google Grant programme. Some of these changes are great news for charities, but there are a few changes which you need to be aware of. Read more

#GivingTuesday - it’s not too late to get in on the action

It’s a busy time of year for most, particularly for smaller organisations who are already stretched for resource. We thought we would share a few tips to help you try to take advantage of an opportunity on Tuesday 28th November when the international community will be feeling generous and generally doing lots of good stuff. Read more

How to raise over £100,000 from one cycle ride

Chris Mairs has raised £130k online through our platform to help 3,600 cataract sufferers. Find out how he did it – both raising the money and cycling across America when he is blind. Read more

How to use Facebook Ads to raise more money than you spend

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How to COPE with COPY: content writing tips

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Introduction to Google Analytics

Although the design is user-friendly, Google Analytics can seem overwhelming to the uninitiated. This guide explains some of the most critical metrics in Analytics and some recommendations of what you should be looking at. Read more

Free (or cheap) image editors

We know our clients often need to create images for their sites, and that this can be tricky using the ubiquitous MS Paint, so we’ve put together a quick roundup of what we think are the best free or very cheap image editors out there. Read more

Choosing great banner images for your site

Choosing and composing images for use on a website can seem challenging. Learn about what makes a great photo for editorial use, choice of imagery and what sizes will ensure your images look their best. Read more