My role at Joyful

I'm the Head of Operations for Australia and New-Zealand. This means I oversee the operational part of the business, including delivery, strategy and design. I've been with Joyful/Raising IT for 2.5 years, one of which in Australia.

The best thing about working at Joyful

100% the people! Everyone who works at Joyful is genuinely lovely, passionate about the NFP sector and obsessed with food. I couldn't dream of a better team, they make it a real pleasure to go to work everyday.

My favourite features on the platform

I love the Fundraiser module. Making it possible for people to set up a fundraiser without having to link off to a third party site makes supporters more aware of your cause, brings more traffic to your website, and makes it more likely that visitors will interact in different ways with your organisation.

My passions

I'm passionate about making the world a better place any way I can - I'm a bit of an idealist! I'm especially interested in social justice, human rights and sustainability. Another thing I love is using the power of technology for good. This was the main thing that drew me to Raising IT/Joyful.

I'm excited about the future of the NFP sector because

I'm looking forward to seeing organisations making a bigger impact, driven by technology and seeing more and more not-for-profits taking control of their online presence and making the most of the digital tools that are available to them. 

My favourite drink

G&T, or a sparkling Shiraz on a beautiful summer day.

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